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Making your Dream a Reality Since 2011

At our core, it is about family.  Having started in 2011, our family owned and operated company had a vision; to bring our Client’s dreams to reality. We are a General Contractor specializing in full home renovations, additions as well as the construction of custom homes, but we are so much more! DRL General Contracting is about working alongside the Client and not just for them, it’s about providing them with a superior quality product without compromising on workmanship but; most importantly, it is about delivering to the Client something that we ourselves would be proud of in our homes.


New construction and remodels are just a part of what we do.  DRL understands the importance of ensuring that a project is done correctly but also take into account that unforeseen things can arise.  As a result, the staff is licensed to take on remediation work as well and is licensed in water remediation, applied microbial remediation as well as fire and smoke remediation.


What sets DRL apart from others is our attention to detail.  When taking on a project; regardless of scope, we pour our passion for your project into our work.  From start to finish, a considerable amount of time and attention is paid to every detail to ensure that everything is perfect.  Throughout your entire project, we are double checking everything, coming back as many times as necessary during construction to ensure it’s just right, completing multiple pre inspections prior to delivering the finished product to you; because if it isn’t good enough for our own homes, then it definitely isn’t good enough for yours.  


You see, DRL General Contracting is more than just a contractor, we are a family, and taking on your project makes you part of ours as well!



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Having graduated from George Brown College with a diploma for Building Renovation Technician, it was only fitting that he started a company right out of college.  He realized having been in the construction industry for almost 20 years, that things could be done differently; they could be done better! Luca created DRL General Contracting to encompass his two passions; construction and family!  With every project he takes on, he ensures a superior quality product is delivered, with an unwavering attention to detail and puts the Client’s satisfaction at the forefront of all decision making.

As projects aren’t always by choice; some are as a result of necessity, Luca is a licensed water remediation technician, applied microbial remediation technician and a fire and smoke remediation technician, for those projects that require immediate attention but a licensed professional.


Taking on any project is not just work for him.  He has comprised a group of licensed Engineers, Drafters and other construction professionals that have worked alongside him on several projects. For him, working with trusted individuals is half of the battle, and so keeping a close group of individuals not only ensures the deliverance of your project, but also, that he can trust the work is carried out efficiently and effectively.



Having over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and specifically as a Site Superintendent, Frank has experienced everything from small scale remodels to overseeing multi million dollar projects.  His attention to detail and ability to coordinate multi moving parts is unmatched.  Over the past 20 years in the industry, Frank has been able to grow with it, continuing his education in various specialties to keep up with new rules and protocols.  Having worked on an array of different projects, Frank understands that not every project goes smoothly and things can arise; for those situations, he has obtained further instruction on various types of remediation work including fire and smoke remediation as well as water remediation.  You will definitely appreciate the sense of calm he can bring to a project as he approaches any potential obstacle with a level mind able to analyze, strategize and focus on any problem and come up with the best possible solution. 

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As DRL is a family run business, it was only a matter of time before Maria joined her brothers and took over a lot of the day to day operations and administrative duties.  The fluidity and ease in which she has adopted the role has allowed the business to continue on without any snags thereby allowing the construction side to focus on what it does best.  Maria has worked in the Customer Service industry for over 10 years which allows her to be approachable and her ability to communicate with Clients allows them to feel like they are the most important Client and are being heard.  She puts the Client and their needs at the forefront of every conversation and consultation and acts as a liaison between the administrative and construction sides of the project.  She is the glue that holds all the moving parts of the company together and is an integral part of what makes DRL so successful.

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